Crayola Supertips: The Good The Bad & The Solution.

Crayola Supertips: The Good The Bad & The Solution.

The best solution I have ever come across for systematizing and labeling Crayola Supertips. And how I updated it to work better for me.

Crayola Super Tips, I love them! But why o why didn’t Crayola put some type of color, number, shape or letter, something on these markers so we know what color we are using. But, they didn’t so it is left up to us to find creative ways to figure out which color we are using. Now I tried just keeping my colors for the week separate from the box. However, my well-meaning husband and kids always seem to find them and put them away. (Thanks you guys for always helping out!) So what is a crafter to do? Well, troll the internet looking for help of course and here is what I found and how I adjusted it to work for me. I found this in one of the planner groups on Facebook and I just had to try it!

Try 1

First try, I used Avery address labels cut in 3’s. Each section had a number. I numbered these babies by hand, and it was a definite labor of love. Each number went on the bottom of a marker. Each marker has a swatch in my bullet journal. Simple right? Well, within 24 hours the labels were peeling off, gggrrrrr. That label of love was pretty much a waste. So, once again my markers are just sitting and once again I am looking for a solution. I considered packing tape, transparent tape, and even sealant spray. but in the end, decided none of those would be long-lasting. So there my lovely markers sat for another week or so. Then one day I had to change an ink cartridge and in that drawer laid my answer. My Brother P-Touch Label Maker, “Hello beautiful!”

Try 2

So, I got to work, typing out and printing the number 1 through 100. It took about 30 mins to do because I did this in sets of 10 so things wouldn’t get lost. But basically, I followed the same process. Printing instead of writing, same corresponding numbers so my original swatch chart is still valid. Let me tell you I am so happy with the results. These labels stick so much better, easier to read and much smoother than the Avery address labels.

All and all I love my Crayola Super Tips very much and would have kept using them regardless. But, am so happy that I read that on Facebook post that lead me to try to do this because it was indeed a game changer. And now i will not have 3 shades of pink in my 1 spread because I mixed up colors. We have all been there and it is very frustrating. All in all I am pleased with my results. If I had to do it again the one thing I would change is the way I set up my swatch grid. It would be more color organized.
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