Current Planner & Future Planner Testing Plans

Current Planner & Future Planner Testing Plans

Where the obsession started and where I am at now in my "adult-like" planner journey. Get a look at where I have been and where I am now and a peek at where I am going on this journey.


Do you see it? Those dollar store composition books I’ve used for years for scheduling. Let me tell you, I have so many of these around my house it’s ridiculous. I have been using these books since I was a middle schooler. Making to-do list, study list and wish list. That’s right I have been listing since I was about 12. Younger, if you include all the Christmas & Birthday list. Back then it didn’t matter what cheap pen I was using or what “book” I was using to write in. But now I am on this journey for Planner Peace and I am so happy you have joined me. So let’s talk about what my current uses and loves for my planning life are and where you can get them. 

My Current Planners

Currently, I am using a black Scribbles That Matter (STM for short) A5 grid journal that I LOVE!!! I like the ease and freedom of dot journaling and I really do not remember why I got the grid instead. Doesn’t even matter because I love this journal. So, If I love it so much why am I looking for planner peace elsewhere? Well, because you never know what you are missing until you have it. So, I’m trying some new things. And let me tell you I am learning a lot about myself and what is important (ie. stickers) on my planner journey.
The specs: The 201 numbered pages measure 5.75 x 8.25 inches, which is considered a true A5 page. The pre-printed pages include: 1-page key, 3-page index, and 2 pen test pages. The pages are 100 GSM, so not a lot of ghosting or bleeding, and are Ivory. I didn’t realize the ivory would bother me as much as it does now that I am using a lot more stickers. There is also a back pocket and 2-page markers in this journal. It is my favorite and I am looking at the next one in pink (always pink, LOL)
There is not much that I have bad to say about this journal. The only thing that I gripe about is the ivory pages. Which is 100% my fault for not reading that detail. Or, I may have read it and it didn’t matter at the time. But I am still team STM and will be for a long time. Even if my planner journey takes me elsewhere I will probably keep one around. The inability to move pages around (ie. habit trackers) is also a bit frustrating. But, not a deal breaker as it is to be expected with a hardbound journal and is 100% why I started making inserts.
Recently I purchased of a small dated hardbound Erin Condren Life Planner (ECLP) horizontal format. However, I haven’t even begun to use it. Not a mark yet. But so far I love the horizontal layout, I am a list writer so it gives me the most room across thanks to the size of the boxes. The monthly color coding and the gold page edges give me happy feels. I will update you on this as I start to use this planner, most likely as a social media/business planner, special stickers may be needed 😂
The Specs: This planner is 180 pages (unnumbered, I counted them lol). The pages are 5 x 9 inches and 120 gsm and I purchased the horizontal layout. There is a “title” page in the front to write your name on. A cover page with a saying and a notes page for each month. There is a 2019 &  2020 year at a glance, a future log. Each month has a color for the layout, a monthly calendar, and a weekly layout. There are 6 lined, 6 dot grid and 4 blank pages in the back of the planner. I have a printable here with the measurements of the boxes for this and other planners that I have used. 


My Current Notebook

I have The Happy Notes, the cover is 5.125″ x 7.5″ and the actual pages are 4.5″ x 7″ which is good for me. If I have too much room to plan things start to look interesting. Shortly after purchasing the base notebook I realized I needed bigger Disc to hold all the inserts I wanted. So, I got them (because completely customizable *happy dance*) There is quite a few inserts to choose from. I am currently using the monthly, project and budget inserts but because the notebook itself is so small I don’t mind it being rather thick. I can change out the covers, dashboards, dividers and I have the option of lined, grid or dotted pages for fillers. Now, while I have started adding extension packs and making inserts and doing a pen test. I have not actually started using the planner yet. So expect more on this in a future post

My Current Pens

I have a pen fetish (ooo, big shocker there right?) as most planners do. But, I also have my live for pens. For everyday ballpoint pen quick notes and paperwork, I use a Papermate Inkjoy 0.07 Gel Pen. This pen has my heart. Every once in a while it does skip but for the most part, this pen is smoothing writing with the function of a ballpoint but with gel ink. I love the fact that these pens come in a pretty wide array of colors. I also can not live without My BIC Intensity Fineliners. When it comes to drawing out my spreads in my BUJO I will use this fineliner every time. They also come in a pretty wide array of colors and thicknesses. I have a pretty wide array of pens that I will do a separate post on but those are my main ones.

My Current Coloring Tools

I actually don’t have a lot of coloring tools, I use mostly fine liners. But, I have Crayola Super Tips, which are my go-to for pretty much everything coloring related. Crayola Color pencils & Crayons are in my desk (when they do not get stolen by my kiddos) for any time I may need them. There is also a pack of Staedtler color pencils that are so smooth and rich in color. 

The Stickers

Now let’s talk about these stickers, all the stickers. Blossoms, I have a serious addiction to these cute things all over the place. Living fairly close to a Hobby Lobby (HL), I give that 40% off coupon a workout whenever I can. I think I have purchased a new book of stickers every week in the past 3 weeks. Pretty sure I am developing a serious problem, tho I don’t feel like its a bad one. They provide function and cuteness, so I am all for it! There are loads of free sticker kits on Pinterest. and so many new and different sticker shops all over the internet. Look out for a future post on my favorite shops to order stickers from! The possibilities are really endless. I also am working on making stickers to go with the planner inserts I create. So many things to come. 
I will probably always be a bullet journal kinda girl. I adore my STM and it will always have a special place in my heart. However, the ability to customize my pages and planner to the extent that The Happy Planner or any disc planning system allows, without having to have a hardbound binder is the best thing ever, for me. Including being able to purchase a hole punch and make my own printables, which I actually do, and will talk about in another post. I do think I may try a bigger Happy Planner, Just to see if it is something that I like. I have always used notebooks and notebook-sized journals so we will see.

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