How To Make a Household Planner System
3 ring family planning binder

How To Make a Household Planner System

If you have ever wondered what a Family planner system is or if you needed on please keep reading and we will talk all about it

As you may already know I am a mother of 4 loving children between the ages of 2 and 18 (when this was written). Keeping up with our life as a whole can be a struggle. There are just so many moving parts. So, I put together a binder to use as a household planner to keep everything about our family life handy. Bills, meal plans, appointments and schedules are all included and it is where the whole family can get to it. Sometimes family life can be hectic but this household planner makes things a whole lot easier. 

Protecting your important paperwork

So the very first thing that went in this household planner (This binder is the one I use) is our important paperwork. Copies of insurance for everyone in the house, the house and cars, big buy receipts, birth certificates, socials, immunization records and so much more. I love it because whenever we need any of our info I know exactly where it is. Everything is in sheet protectors so nothing is damaged or destroyed.

Along with the highly important paperwork is the less important but still necessary papers. A copy of all of our bills so we have account numbers for everything, print outs of school schedules, our lease and any warranty paperwork for purchases. Once again all in sheet protectors because lets be real in a house with 4 kids, things spill everywhere and nothing is safe. 

So remember those sheet protectors. Theses are the ones I buy.

Using different inserts for personalization

In the world of inserts and printables, ANYTHING is possible. We have inserts for car maintenance logs and any other household maintenance schedules and logs that may be needed. I find it very helpful to be able to look back and say “The freezer had to be serviced back in Aug, 2017 because it wasn’t getting cold. We called this company and paid this much. Here is that number.”

Finance insert doodle

The 3 most useful inserts in our binder have been:

     1. Keeping up with our ever changing schedules using an hourly insert that I change as our schedules change.

So, Currently my husband is in college full time. My oldest is on her way to college full time and I have 3 under 10. That is a lot of different schedules. Throw in extracurriculars, doctors appointments, grocery shopping and vet visits for the dogs. Life gets pretty busy, pretty quick. Having a hard copy of who needs to be where and when has proven very helpful in life. On the weeks it needs updating for appointments I just make a new one. 

     2. Recipe printouts and meal planning to keep up with things I enjoyed cooking and the kids enjoyed eating! (score there).

With a household of 6 it is very rare we will find a meal that everyone loves. Unless were eating chicken nuggets and fries every night. I’m not really a fan of that choice. So, when I find something that 4 out of 6 people in the family like I call that a win. I write that recipe down and put it in the binder for safe keeping. A good slow cooker recipe is golden in a big & busy family. 

     3. Budget planning. 

We live down to the penny most months. And of all importance is the budget. If one thing is thrown out of whack we could really be in trouble. So having a budget printed out of what goes where, when and how (auto pay or not) is a huge time and life saver. 

So, once I put all these things together. I made a cute cover sheet with our family name on it. And dashboards for each section to show what should be where so I know if something is missing. And there is our family planner in a nutshell. You can dress this up or down however you would like. Using inserts anything is possible. 

3 ring binder

What do you keep track of in your family planner? Let me know in the comments.

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