Monthly layouts for your planner

Monthly layouts for your planner

How using a monthly layouts in my planner has helped me keep up with a wide variety of important dates, to-do's and bills?

The use of monthly layouts has been a fantastic way to keep an overview of things I have to do throughout the whole month. Usually used for things such as bills, birthdays, appointments and other set in stone family obligations. There are several different choices for your monthly layout. Here are some of my favorites.


The first of the monthly layouts is, of course, one we are all familiar with. Believe it or not, a calendar. I know seems so simple right? I see so many people get so wrapped up in all the pretty spreads and trackers (I am guilty too) that they forget about the basics. A calendar can be made in so many ways It definitely does not have to be “just a calendar”. The benefit of using a monthly calendar is having an overview of everything for the month on 1 (or 2) pages. In my planner, my monthly overview has bills, paydays, birthdays, appointments and anything else I may know is going on for the month. I tend to be very broad in my monthly calendar.

Calendar style monthly layouts
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Calendar Styles:

Within the spectrum of calendars, there are so many different styles to explore. You can set your calendar up with several different shapes and colors. I have used a number line across the page (vertical or horizontal both work) and incorporated art with the line. Circle calendars have become very popular lately and I love the style but have not found one that is functional for me yet 🙁 With all the different styles out there is it very easy to be as creative or minimalistic with your monthly spread as you would like.


Your monthly calendar can be 1 or 2 pages be just a calendar or include other elements of planning. To-Do list, goals, appointments, basic schedule, word/saying for the month and so much more. The great thing about planning, especially drawing your own is you can really make it anything you want. Even better (for me, because I get bored easily) is that every month can be as different or alike as you want to help you find functionality in your planner.

Full spectrum monthly layouts
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Ideas for Monthly Pages:

I love the idea of a monthly habit tracker! I previously did not use them because I had been using a hardbound bullet journal and I like my habit trackers to be on the same page as my weekly plans. However, I am migrating into a Happy Planner and the disc bound system has me ready to try monthly habit trackers again because I can move them week to week instead of having to flip back and forth. So I am excited to show you how I execute that in a future blog post.

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A monthly goals page is something that I find so helpful. Just getting my intentions down on one accessible page every month. Then tracking my progress on each goal is something that has helped me keep up with home and business goals alike. Writing out task that need to be accomplished in order to complete each goal.

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