Planner for mom life

Planner for mom life

The planner & the plan

Have you ever wondered how to use a planner for mom life? To use a planner to stay on top of all the mom things?  Allow me to show you how I use my planner to keep up with kids, husband, dogs and business. Nobody said this mom gig was easy and guess what, I am not going to say it either. Mom life is hard. But, with the right tools, it can at least be organized. My 2 all-time favorite tools for planning & life organization: Happy Planner and Google calendar. These 2 things have saved my butt on several occasions. So let’s talk about what goes into each of these tools and how you can use them to keep up with life. 

The Happy Planner

Personally, I have settled into my love of disc-bound planning. I love the flexibility and options for change. (Read more about how I landed with a dis-bound planner here) My Happy Planner holds a copy of our master schedule that I keep updated as life changes. The kid’s schedules, mine & my husband’s schedules. This page gets updated usually every 2 to 3 months just based on what is going on. I keep a weekly meal planner and grocery list, a monthly calendar for my family’s budget/bills and standing/future appointments. Also, I keep a weekly planner for holidays, school functions and anything else that will change on a week to week basis. By keeping both a monthly and weekly planner I am able to go from the most general to the most specific task.

mom planner

Google Calendar

This is the boss amongst bosses right here! I love my Happy planner BUT, Google makes everything so seamless and easy. I have an account set up for my entire family and have that account signed into everyone’s device (phone and/or laptop). All appointments, schedules (schedule changes), family alarms (dinner time). I can set all of these in google calendars to go off on everyone’s phone. We also use that same google account to keep a shared shopping list in the google assistant. So much easier to get everyone to tell the google home to add things to my shopping list than to have to ask/text wait for a reply or never get a reply (because of teenagers). 

Google shopping list

How do you use your planner for mom life? Are you strictly a paper planner or do you also use a digital element in your planning? Are you strictly a digital planner? Let me know in the comments. 

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  1. mackthemaverick

    I use my Happy Planners for my to do’s and things that are pertinent to me. I use my Google calendar for communicating with other people (ex. my husband’s work schedule) or tasks/events I share with other people (ex. stuff going on at church).

    1. PinkBambooBlossom

      That is a fantastic way to detail your planner all the way down! I love it💗

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